Eaty has all the taste, texture and sizzle of meat, with none of the bad stuff like cholesterol - you won't believe it isn't meat!

We have created an entirely new, nutritious, low-impact, planet-friendly, animal-free BBQ classics and Ready-to-Eat Meals range that can do everything meat does but much better – because it ain’t meat at all!

  • Vegan
  • Good source of protein
  • Cholesterol Free
  • No added MSG
  • No artificial colours or flavours

Product Range

Eaty Plant Powered BBQ Range are delicious and convenient!



Is Eaty supposed to taste like meat and have the same texture/smell as meat?

It is! More and more people are looking to add plant-based meals into their week, and whether you are a flexitarian or a vegetarian who wants to enjoy a throwback to some of your favourite meals growing up, Eaty is for everyone. It has all the taste, protein and nutrients of meat with none of the bad stuff.

Does Eaty have the same amount of protein as meat?

The Eaty range has the equivalent protein to their standard meat equivalents, so you can enjoy the same benefits! The Eaty range also has a good source of Iron and B-12. Who says you can’t save the world one snag or burger at a time? Hint: You can. We’re about treading lightly upon the planet while still giving you something that is amazingly close to actual meat.

How do you cook the Eaty range?

The Eaty range of Sausages and Burgers can be cooked on a lightly drizzled frying pan or BBQ hotplate until it is warmed through. This should take 4-6 minutes on the BBQ or Stove Top and 2-3 in the microwave. Serve as you would your favourite BBQ item. Whether that be a snag in bread topped with tomato sauce or a burger in a bun with salad.

How is it possible Eaty looks, tastes and feels like meat but isn’t?

Eaty is made from natural pea, wheat and soy proteins which we use to create the same texture and mouth feel as meat. When supplemented with iron and B12, creates meat like products with a similar nutritional profile to meat, but without the high levels of saturated fats.

Is Eaty Gluten Free?

Eaty products contain Gluten, so sadly if you have gluten allergies, the Eaty range is not for you.

What's new about Eaty?

A lot! The Eaty Range has been upgraded in every way - with four delicious flavours, new recipes and new look packaging! The new Eaty range is full of flavour, a good source of protein, and so delicious - there is something to suit every flexitarian!


Eaty is amazing plant-powered food for the ‘tarian generation: the flexitarians, vegetarians, Meat-free Monday’tarians. All the combinations of ‘tarians you can imagine. It’s the incredible new low-impact, planet-friendly and animal-free food that can do everything meat can do but better.


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